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Quality Maintenance Agreements Services in Lexington, KY & Surrounding Areas

Big Blue Maintenance

When you sign  up for our biannual maintenance plan we will come out twice a year and check the operation and condition of your system. If you have add-ons like a humidifier or electric air cleaner we will clean them and make sure they are working. You will also get 10%  off all parts on repairs if you are on the maintenance plan.

What We Check

With our services we will check the following twice a year: Blowers, Motors, Fans, Freon, Elect. Connections, Voltage, Amp Draw, Drains, Stat, Deforst, Heat Exchanger's, Flame Sensor, Ignitor, Ignition System, Burners, Controls, Coils, Elect. Heat, Humidifier Pad, Zone Damper, Overall Condition, Cleanliness, and on geothermal unit the water level of the loop and pumps.

Our Promise Is To Try

We try our very best to let you know if we see anything that may go wrong with your system during the season, so you can fix it before it leaves you out in the cold. Because we are always thinking about your peace of mind, well being and comfort.

Commercial Maintenance

For commercial accounts we offer Biannual Maintenance Plans and Quarterly Filter changes. This will keep your customers comfortable while they do business with you.

Did You Know?

Did you know that if you maintain your system that you could extend it's life?

Did you know that if you have your system inspected and keep it clean you could save on your utility bills?

Did you know that maintenance is the life of a unit and lack of maintenance will void your warranty if your system is new?

Did you know that you need to change you humidifier pad ever fall?

Did you know that you should change you filter every 90-180 days?

Did you know that your furnace could be leaking carbon monoxide and you would never know it?

Did you know that running your a/c low on Freon can damage the compressor? 



and enjoy our heating and cooling services.

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